4pcs Lifepo4 32650 3.2V 6500mAh Rechargeable Battery

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  • Detailed description:

  • Model Number: IFR32650-ME65

  • Battery Type: LiFePO4

  • Nominal voltage: 3.2V

  • Nominal Capacity: 6500mAh

  • Maximum Voltage: 3.65 V

  • End-of-charge Current: 0.3A

  • Max continuous Discharging Current: 36A

  • End-of-discharge Voltage: 2.0 V

  • Charging Temperature: 0~60Centigrade

  • Discharging temperature: -20~60Centigrade

  • Storage temperature: -20~45Centigrade

  • Cycle Life: more than 2000 times

  • Weight: 140g/pcs

  • Size: 32*65mm



1. Sturdy and pressure resistant steel envelope

2. High capacity: 6500mAh

3. Excellent cycle life: more than 2000 times

4. Excellent high and low temperature performance (Low Temperature Performance: Cell shall be charged per 3.2 and stored in a temperature-controlled environment for4h. Then discharged cell at 1C to ending voltage Discharge Capacity: ≥ 70%Cini(-20°C)); Room Temperature Storage Test Capacity retention ≥90% ;  High Temperature Storage Test Capacity retention ≥ 90 % )

5. Steady output voltage

6. Low self-discharge

7. Double safety protection

8. With outstanding high level of vibrations and shocks



EV/PHEV 、UPS、Storage energy、Starting power supply 、Power rechargeable battery (electric vehicle batteries, flashlight, Motorcycles start battery pack, model and field power supplies.DIY power pack,etc .)


Package Included: 

4* LiFePO4 32650 rechargeable batteries 


Environmentally Friendly

Made of High-Tech materials,rechargeable and eco friendly.

Reduce environmental pollution and carbon footprint.

  • Never throw the battery into water. Store it under dry, shady circumstance when not use.
  • Never misidentify the positive and negative terminals.
  • Never connect the positive and negative terminals of battery with metal to prevent short-circuiting.
  • Never cut the battery in socket directly, please use the stated charger when charging.
  • The battery should be stored in 50% SOC. It needs to be charged once again if out of use for as long as half a year.
  • Clean the dirty electrode with a clean dry cloth if any contamination appears, otherwise poor contact or operation failure may occur.
  • Keep away from kids.

Widely Applications

EV/PHEV UPS Storage energy Starting power supply Power rechargeable battery (electric vehicle batteries, flashlight, Motorcycles start battery pack, model and field power supplies,DIY power pack,etc .)