LiFeS2 FR6 FR14505 AA 1.5V 2900mAh Lithium Primary Battery

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Nominal Voltage: 1.5V

Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 0.8V

Rated Capacity: 2900mAh

Size: 14*50mm

Battery Type: LiFeS2 dry Battery

Weight: About 15.5g

USE: camera and toys electric shaver toothbrush

Model: FR14505 FR6

Working Temperature: -40℃-60℃



Reliable Service Life

Melasta LiFeS2 Battery provides 10 years shelf life.

More durable than alkaline battery.(Alkaline only 2-3 years life)




Constant Voltage Output 

Constant 1.5V output voltage, providing more power for your device.


Melasta LiFeS2 Battery,makes your device keep ahead others.




Spirally Wound Cell Technology

Anti-leakage,Stable Voltage,More Powerful & More Safe (VS Alkaline Leakage,Unstable Voltage,Losing Power Quickly).



 Save money by using Melasta LiFeS2 battery one Melasta LiFeS2 battery equals to 7 alkaline batteries.



Strong Adaptability
Working extreme temperature from -40℉ to 140℉(VS Alkaline battery stop working under hot temperature and run out soon in cold conditions.)    


Widely Used

For high-drain devices

4WD speed RC car toys, Flashlights, VR controllers, Electric toothbrush.


For low-drain devices

Remote, Clocks, Wireless mouse, Toys, Calculator, Electronic scale.


Passed 14 safety tests,highly protect your device