7.2V 5000mAh Ni-MH Battery with TA for RC Cars

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About the product : 

  • MELASTA battery, the first choice of car powertrain for most top Formula SAE Racing Teams in the world since 2012 up to date!
  • Super NI-MH technology: No cell memory effect.
  • Compatible with: popular standard 7.2V RC cars which with Tamiya connector.
  • Standard Dimension: 137±2.5*47.65*24.44mm /5.38±0.098*1.88*0.86inch.


When you want a powerful battery pack that you can depend on even when you push it to its limits, this is the battery for you. 

Whether you have a short course truck, an 8th scale buggy, a monster truck, heli, jet, airplane or quad, this battery pack delivers the results and run-time you have come to expect from all MELASTA batteries. 


Battery Type: Ni-MH 

Voltage: 7.2V . 

Real Capacity: 5000mah. 

Discharge Plug: Tamiya . 

Continus Discharge Rate : 10C. 

Cell Count: 6S. 

Watt Hours: 36. 

Charge Rate: 1C (5A) 

Weight: 15.87oz (450 g) 

Volume: 136.7*47.65*24.44mm/5.38*1.88*0.86inch. 

Wire Gauge: 14 AWG Soft and Flexible Low Resistance Silicone Wire 

Note: in order to make sure the battery is compatible with your racing car,please check the battery container size of your racing car before you ordered it! 

Package includes: 

1x Melasta 7.2V 5000mah Ni-MH RC Battery .