Generator Portable Power Station 220V 500Wh Emergency Backup Lithium Battery

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Capacity: 500Wh(135200mah)

Dimension: W200*L176*H160mm

Charging Inputs:

Input 1:adapter

Input 2:car cigar lighter

Input 3:solar panel(MPPT mode)

AC Output: 220V,Rated power 300W,Max Power 500W

TYPE-C: Output(PD) 5~12V/18W(MAX)

USB Output(QC)    5~20V/60W(MAX)

Cigar Lighter Output: 13.2V10A  DC5521 Output: 13.2V5A

Cigar Lighter Output+DC5521  Output: 12A(MAX)

LED Lighting: 5-10W
Operating temp:(-20℃~60℃/-4℉~140℉)

1. It maintains for 6-12 months based on above 50% charged. Better charge and activate it for every 3 months.

2. It can be 80% charged within 4 hours and fully charged within 6 hours using standard charger. Charging time will be half reduced with 2 inputs simultaneously(like solar+car input)

3. This item use high magnification polymer core and passed all safety certification tests.

4. It can charge for car battery, mobile phone,other digital devices compatible with all digital products and household appliances.

5. When a car loss of electricity,it can be used to start the car.

6. Easy charge: You can charge the item with a solar panel(not included)

7. Multiple defend: Anti reverse charge chip, over current  defend, over discharge defend, over voltage defend, short circuit defend, temperature defend over power defend and electromagnetic field defend.

8. Application: outdoor camping, power failure emergency, night work, fishing,  mining, exploration and other occasions.

9.Warranty: 35 money back and 12 month warranty.


Package Including:

1*device,1*adapter,1*power supply cable,1*M to M Car charging cable,1*User Manual