LiFePo4 3.2V 40ah battery with Storage Energy Battery

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Products description:

Nominal voltage : 3.2V

Nominal Capacity :40Ah(0.2C discharge

Max charge current : 8A(1C)

Max pulse charge current :200A

Max discharge current : 120A

Max pulse discharge current :200A(8C≤10S)

Discharge cut-off voltage : 2.0±0.15V

Charge Voltage :3.65V

Inner resistance :≤6mΩ

Operation temperature range 

Charge :0℃~45℃

Discharge :-20℃~60C

Storage temperature range

1 month: -20~60°C

3 months: -20~45°C

6 months: -20~25°C

Cycle life

After 2000cycle,capacity more than 80% nominal capacity

Shell material :ABS

Weight : Approx 1.5Kg



1.Charge mode:CC/CV, Use a constant current, constant voltage (CC/CV) 

2.When the environment temperature is higher than 45℃,please pay attention to ventilation and heat rejection.

3.Recommended long-term storage temperature is 15~25℃


High energy density

Fast charging.

High working voltage for single battery cells.


Longer cycle life, more than 2000 cycles

No memory effect

Capacity, Power, Voltage and Cell can be customized as your requirement for Min. order 1PC.

With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable

Excellent storage performance and low self-discharge.

Standard size, with same dimension of lead acid battery and for wide usage.


Solar power systems


Electric Golf car

Electric vehicle

Electric scooter

Electric motorcycle

Electric Bicycle

Electric unicycle scooter

Electric toys

Home storage