48V 24ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack with PCM for E-bike

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Products description:

Output voltage :    48V working voltage, peak voltage @58.4V,36.8V cut-off

Battery Capacity : 24Ah (1152Wh) 

Cycle life  :            > 2000 cycles (80% of initial capacity @ 0.2C rate, IEC Standard) 

Protection :            One PCM (30A/60A limited) installed with the battery pack and                                     protects the battery from . Overcharge (> 58.4 V)  .

Over discharge  : <36.8V  . 

Over drain  :         >70 Amps . 

Short circuits . Must wait min of 30 minutes after battery is fully charged to allow the PCM to perform balance function on all the cells within the pack.

Charging rate : Standard charge: 0.2C ( 4.8A); charge time: 6h

                           Fast charge: 0.4C( 9.6A); charge time: 3.6h

Discharging Rate : Standard discharge: 0.2C ( 4.8A),
                               Max continuos dishcarge: 1.25C(30A continuous limited by PCM) 
                                Peak discharge: 2.5C(60A < 30 seconds limited by PCM)

Charging temperature  :   0 to 45 degrees Celsius

Discharge temperature : -20 to 70 degrees Celsius

Storage temperature : -20 to 40 degrees Celsius

Max Dimensions (LxWxH) : 123 mm x 135mm x 424mm 

Weight : Cycle life is 4-5 times more than NiMH pack, so it is much economic

Wire and output Plug : 2. Prewired Charge: UL 3135 AWG#18(red and black), Length= 205± 5mm;Discharge wire: UL3135 AWG#12(red and black), Length=185 ± 5mm,Plug: No available ( depands on cutomers requirement.)


This LiFePo4 Battery pack was assembled by 48pcs LFP65120125 LiFePo4 single cells. So the real voltage of this battery pack is 51.2 Volt, the working voltage  range from 36.8V TO 58.4v. Usually, we use it to replace the 48V Lead acid battery, this is why we called it 48V battery. And LiFePo4 has trends to be widely applied in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, E-Bikes,E-Scooter, Power tools, Medical device, RC models, Robotic etc. Electric products for it's performance as below:
1) Long cycle life: more than 2000 times (charge and discharge at 1C, 80% capacity retention after 2000 cycles)
2) High safety: no fire and explosion in overcharge test and in short-circuit test, nail test, heat shock up to 130 celsius degree test.
3) Good chargeing and discharge performance.
4) Environmental-friendly:all raw material of the batteries are environmental-friendly.
5) Wide working temperature range: from -10 celsius degree to 70 celsius degree