3S VS 4S LiPo Batteries: Which Should be Picked?

3S VS 4S LiPo Batteries: Which Should be Picked?

The first thing is what are 2s, 3s, or 4s?

Let us begin with the most important differences. Basically, they're all different kinds of lithium polymer batteries, and they're linked together to make the voltage battery higher. If 2 batteries or more are linked in series, the voltage will increase. The term 2s battery implies that there are 2 cells of LiPo battery. The LiPo battery of a cell is 3.7 V, so the battery's voltage of 2s is 7.4 V. Similarly, the battery's voltage of 3s is 11.1 V and of 4s is 14.8 V.

The Difference Between 2s, 3s, and 4s

Is the difference between 2s, 3s, and 4s of just voltage? Or will there be any difference in the usage time?

Battery Power Issue

If you utilize 4s rather than 3s batteries, the voltage is greater and the current is less, however for the exact same load, the power is the very same. In case you have a 300-watt electrical motor and possess a 3s battery, it will take in 27 A of current. Later if you use a 4s battery, it will take in 20.3 A of current. It does not consume less power or energy.

20.3 A x 14.8 V = 300 Watts

27 A x 11.1 V = 300 Watts

Correspondence in Between Motor and Voltage

The motor can turn much faster when the applied voltage is greater. The rotation per minute (RPM) of the motor under no-load is dependent upon the kV value of the motor (RPM = kV x voltage). Let us suppose that an FPV quad is equipped with a 2300 kV motor. When it is powered by a completely charged 3s lipid (11.1 V), the theoretical RPM is 11.1 x 2300 = 25530. This shows that the motor can rotate almost 25530 times in a minute without the use of a propeller.

When utilizing 4s lipid (14.8 V) to power a similar motor, the RPM is 14.8 x 2300 = 34040. The increase in RPM is significant. The boost in RPM implies that the electrical motor can create more power, more thrust, agility, and faster flight speed. The throttle lever has actually likewise ended up being tougher to manage and is more sensitive. Please note that because of the enhanced weight of the voltage regulator, battery, and other components, the 4s setting is typically a little heavier than the 3s.

Lipo Battery

What Should I Focus on While Using?

To protect a LiPo battery, you normally don't need to consume more than 80 % of its capacity in any scenario. If we consider the same example as above, you don't need to use more than 0.8 x 5000 = 4000 mA, or 4 A x 11.1 V = 44.4 watts. If the battery charge is below this level, the battery might be harmed. By monitoring the voltage during this whole procedure, you can comprehend the status of the battery. When you utilize the battery's energy, the voltage should drop. While considering an RC plane, you might have seen that numerous flight controllers have built-in alarm systems. You can configure the alarm to inform you when the battery's voltage drops below a pre-programmed point and inform you that you ought to land as quickly as possible. In case a LiPo battery is damaged or overcharged, it might catch fire or explode. A change in thickness (swelling) is a common sign you might observe in this case.

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