Payment info



What do you accept for payment?

  • United States customer 

    - We accept Visa Card, MasterCard, Discover Card and paypal ( We do not accept any ATM card or gift card which has visa, mastercard logo. Please make sure to type your credit card's billing address when check out. Fail to do so will delay the shipment as we will need more information to continue processing the order.
  • International customer 

    - We highly recommend international customers to pay by paypal.  If you  paying by credit card, we will ask you for the copy of ID and credit card for verification purpose. Please description the reason. All the order amount is calculated by US dollars. If the order is canceled, we will only refund the amount which is listed on our invoice (based on US dollars),  you may gain or loss small amount of money due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rate.


We can also accept remittances from this bank.

                                             Payee Name                             :          Melasta corporation

                                      Beneficiary Account                     :          8022007309

Bank system exchange code(domestic)                    :                 322070381

                                Bank code (foreign)                             :          EWBKUS66XXX

                               Receiving bank name                          :          East West Bank       

                       Receiving bank address                              :     9300 Flair Drive ,4th FI.

Receiving bank address (city, state and zip code)  :          EI Monte ,CA 91731

Hong Kong's receiving bank:
                         Beneficiary Name  :       MELASTA CORPORATION LIMITED
                         Account No.           :             509-757852-838
                       Swift Code               :                HSBCHKHHHKH
               Beneficiary Bank             :                HSBC HONG KONG
                    Bank Address             :     No. 1 Queen's Road Central,Central,Hongkong


1.The payee name and account number must be conform  before the funds can be remitted.

 2.All U.S. remittances to East West Bank  are use of  the exchange system code of this bank: 322070381.

3.All domestic remittances to East West Bank  are use of the exchange code of Bank: EWBKUS66XXX

Q:I have paid by paypal already, why do you send an email saying I haven't paid it yet?

 If you receive an email from our customer service representatives, please kindly check the transaction ID by logging in your paypal account and email it to us.

Payment for international orders -- important !

Due to lots of fraud credit card purchase , we can not accept international credit card. But if you could send us the photo of the front and back of credit card together with photo ID to,  it will help us verify the ownership of the credit card. Your order will be processed as soon as we verified your credit card. If you are not comfortable with sending us photo ID and copy of credit card, we understand that and please reply this email and tell us that you want to cancel the order. We will fully refund to your credit card. The refund will appear on your statement in 48 hours.

FAQ's about international credit card payment 

Q:I have checked with my credit card company/bank, the money already deducted from my card/bank , that means you already got the money, why you still ask for the ID? 

Answer:If a credit card is lost or stolen and someone uses your credit card to make the internet purchase, the payment can still go through without credit card owner's awareness. Our system can verify US credit card by matching the billing address, but can not verify international credit card billing address. That's why we are asking the owner's ID. This way, we can protect yourself as well as our company. 

Q:How to make transaction easier and faster without giving my copy of ID and credit card. 

Answer:We suggest the use of paypal , this will speed up our process 

Q:Every time I attempt checkout, however, my payment info is not accepted. What is the problem?

First-- When checking out with credit card, please don't put your email address in the paypal selection. 

Second-- Please double check your credit card number, expiration date and CVV code. 

Third -- Please call and check with your credit card company.

Q:What does 'Not Finalized' order status mean?

Not Finalized order status means that the payment doesn't go through. It may caused by wrong credit card number, expiration date, CVV code. If you pay by paypal,Please check the transaction ID by login in your paypal account and email to us.