The market positioning of Shenzhen Fengyun Battery Co., Ltd. is mainly to provide power solutions for European and American customers. It can provide customers with batteries, lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries and chargers. The complete range of products fully meet the requirements of customers. Product applications cover mobile power, medical equipment, power tools, electric vehicles, professional racing and so on. The company has obtained CE, ROHS, KC and other product certifications, and long-term promotion of its own brands has formed a certain influence in Europe. Shenzhen Fengyun Battery Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Hongxing Technology Co., Ltd. Hongxing Technology is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise established in 2008. It is headquartered in Shenzhen and has R&D center in Japan. The factory is located in Shenzhen and Tianjin. , manufacturing and sales of electronic information products as a major professional manufacturer. At present, consumer electronics, mobile communications, and new energy are the three pillar industries of Hongxing. The integrity, strength and product quality of Shenzhen Fengyun Battery Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry.

Melasta maintains a perfect quality assurance system by implementing most strict quality control and inspection procedures in every stage of the production process.We also passed the qualification audits and inspections by several well-recognized international quality audit organizations known for the stringency of their engineering standards. We have won the trust of several world most famous companies who choose us as their OEM source.

Rechargeable Batteries Available In: AA, AAA, C, D, & 9V - Search Categories Below

Sometimes a normal alkaline battery just doesn’t cut it and you need exceptional performance from your battery time after time. NiHM rechargeable batteries are just what you need when you use a digital camera or other power intensive devices. Rechargeable batteries save you money and if you are using battery dependent devices on a daily basis, our NiMH rechargeable batteries pay for themselves in no time.

Whether you are looking for rechargeable aa batteries or something less common such as an F size rechargeable battery, All-Battery has you covered. We carry a host of NiMH rechargeable batteries that will work in your most demanding devices.

From standard size 9v, d, c, aa, and aaa rechargeable batteries to rechargeable tech batteries, All-Battery is your home for the longest lasting, most affordable rechargeable batteries on the market. Shop our selection of rechargeable batteries today so you’ll never have to waste alkaline batteries again!

Batteries require proper storage. 

Always store battery cells in a plastic case when you need to carry them around. Avoid contact with other metal items such as key, knife, metal pen, etc. Stop using a cell if the wrapping plastic tube is damaged, scratched or internal metal exposed.

With a team of experienced technicians and experts, we are able to continuously optimize the battery performance and speed new products design. Also this specialist team will offer the optimal solutions for customer's individual demands.

LiFePO4 lithium

The LiFePO4 lithium ion battery is a new generation in rechargeable batteries for the following advantages:
1)High theoretical capacity and excellent cycle life;
2)Inexpengsive components and environmentally friendly;
3)Higher instinsic safety;
4)LiFePO4 could be used in the comsumer mobile electronics market,especially has the trends to be applied in Hybrid Electric Vehicles,Electric Bikes and Scooters etc.
Lithium polymer battery
While commanding a slight price premium compared to Lithium Ion, Lithium-polymer batteries (LiPolymer) offer several advantages. It has a greater energy density in terms of weight than Lithium Ion. In very thin cells (under 5mm) Lithiu polymer also provides higher volumetric energy density. Additionally, there is more flexibility in cell sizes and shape with Li polymer and a wider margin of safety, with superior stability in over-voltage and high temperature conditions.To date, most Lithium-   polymer applications are for widely used consumer items like cell phones, MP3 players and many Bluetooth enabled devices where low weight and small size are essential. Like Li-ion, Lithium-polymer cells require protection circuitry.
Overall, rechargeable Lithium battery chemistries are the most rapidly evolving—and their technology will continue to improve as the need for ever smaller, lighter and more powerful portable energy increases.

Lithium Ion battery
Rechargeable lithium ion batteries feature high energy density, high capacity, light weight and high power in both cylindrical and prismatic styles. 
Lithium ion batteries provide up to 3 7v per cell so fewer batteries are required to power an application compared to conventional nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. 

Ni-MH battery
Developed to meet the requirement for increasingly higher levels of energy demanded by today’s electronic products, Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries can offer up to three times the capacity of the same size standard Nickel Cadmium batteries. Due to their increased capacity and energy density features, users can expect a longer time between charges and longer running time. They are available in both cylindrical and prismatic shapes.
High energy density
Rapid charge
Excellent cycle life
Excellent discharge characteristics
Cellular mobile telecom products
Notebook PCs
Portable CD players.
Portable power equipment
Melasta’s customers rely on our expertise in portable power solutions to enable products that are smaller, lighter, and longer-running. Commercial products tend to have different power requirements than consumer, and are often used in settings where failure is not an option. Also, commercial products must function properly in the harshest environmental conditions.
Safety and security
In light of worldwide events, the demand for safety and security devices has been steadily increasing. Custom battery packs are enabling smaller, lighter, and longer running portable safety and security products. Melasta has designed battery packs and chargers for a wide array of safety and security devices, including:
Night vision cameras
Surveillance equipment
Thermal imaging devices
Wearable gas detection systems
Personal alarm
Appliances and Tools

The trend in power tools is clearly toward the freedom and flexibility of cordless operation. Manufacturers of appliances and power tools need to pack more power and longer run-times into their portable products without adding size or weight. To meet the needs of these demanding applications, battery packs must feature:

Light weight
High power and long cycle life
High capacity
Safe and fast charging
Performance at temperatures below 0° F
Rugged construction


Melasta can design powerful, reliable, and safe portable power solutions for a variety of Appliances Portable data terminals

  • Measurement devices
  • Heating products
  • Emergency Lightings
  • Image capture device

Melasta design engineers offer a wealth of experience in power tool applications, having designed custom battery packs for a wide range of products, including grease guns, portable vacuum cleaners, nail guns, and surgical saws. Traditionally, Nickel cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) have been the most prevalent in this market. However, recent improvements in the rate capability of Lithium ion (Li-ion) have made this chemistry more suitable for appliance and tool applications. Li-ion cells based on nanoscale electrode technology are now available and provide unprecedented power, safety, and charge time. Let Melasta’s team of battery cell experts identify the proper battery chemistry for your appliance and tool application.

The bottom line: manufacturers of critical military equipment require battery packs that enable lighter products with longer performance life and increased power over a wide temperature range. Melasta is meeting that demand with engineered solutions to address the most pressing military requirements.