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Li-ion Battery

  • The batteries, packs, and chargers you are purchasing are for professional use.
  • You are supposed to have sufficient knowledge in handling the products.
  • You will only charge the batteries and packs in a fire proof container. You will not leave the product on wooden materials or a carpet environment that would help induce the spread of fire.
  • You will not put or use products in places adjacent to flammable materials and you will take caution, and wear protective cloths, glass, and gloves.
  • You will not leave the batteries, packs, and chargers unattended during charging and using.
  • When you want to use Li-ion batteries to make packs a Protective Circuit Board (PCB) is required.
  • Any modifications of battery, packs, and chargers will void the warranty.
  • If you make battery packs using the single Li-ion or Li-polymer cells and PCB from us, we are not responsible for the final battery pack performance and liability as the workmanship and assembly details could lead to defects


Lithium Polymer Batteries

Evolving from Lithium-ion batteries, Lithium polymer batteries offer a distinct advantage over their predecessor in terms of cost, utility, durability and flexibility. A Lithium-polymer battery can be shaped to fit in an array of devices. As cell phones become thinner, it is important for battery manufactures to develop new ways to charge these ever important devices.

Using a lithium-polymer battery allows the manufacturer to shape the battery in essentially any way they please. This allows for more freedom in designing the true power behind our mobile devices. Another advantage of lithium polymer cells over nickel-cadmium and nickel metal hydride cells is that the rate of self-discharge is much lower.

Melasta carries a li-polymer battery for virtually any application. With varying amperages, shapes, and sizes, you are sure to find a lithium-polymer battery for whatever device you need. Shop our huge selection today and power up your device with lithium polymer energy!


LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery
Why LiFe Battery?

• High Performance —High theoretical capacity of 170mah/g and high practical capacity as high as 165mah/g • Long Cycle Life: up to 2000 cycle life (8x of Lead Acid and 3-4x of Li-ion)
• Extremely Safe/Stable Chemistry: no explosion & will not catch fire under collision over charged or short circuit; hi thermal stability of phases up to 500C • Long Service Life: Around 5~6 years
• Wide working temperature range: From -4 F to 150 F (-20 C–+70C) • Flexible & Small Form Factor: 1/3 weight of lead acid and 64% of NiMH
• High Rate (Power) Capability • Environmentally Friendly Non-toxic, non-contaminating and No rare metal
• Fast Charging: fully charged in a very short time ---2C fast charge within half hour


Rechargeable Batteries Available In: AA, AAA, C, D, & 9V

Sometimes a normal alkaline battery just doesn’t cut it and you need exceptional performance from your battery time after time. NiHM rechargeable batteries are just what you need when you use a digital camera or other power intensive devices. Rechargeable batteries save you money and if you are using battery dependent devices on a daily basis, our NiMH rechargeable batteries pay for themselves in no time.

Whether you are looking for rechargeable aa batteries or something less common such as an F size rechargeable battery, All-Battery has you covered. We carry a host of NiMH rechargeable batteries that will work in your most demanding devices.

From standard size 9v, d, c, aa, and aaa rechargeable batteries to rechargeable tech batteries, All-Battery is your home for the longest lasting, most affordable rechargeable batteries on the market. Shop our selection of rechargeable batteries today so you’ll never have to waste alkaline batteries again!

Batteries require proper storage. 

Always store battery cells in a plastic case when you need to carry them around. Avoid contact with other metal items such as key, knife, metal pen, etc. Stop using a cell if the wrapping plastic tube is damaged, scratched or internal metal exposed.