A Guide for Traxxas Slash Parts and Upgrades

A Guide for Traxxas Slash Parts and Upgrades

Here are some tips on the best Traxxas Slash accessories and parts to think about if you simply scored your very first Traxxas Slash or have one you desire to upgrade.

Since Traxxas revealed its flagship short route 1/10th scale electrical truck in 2008, the Traxxas Slash has made its way among the top-selling RC cars of all time. As the neighborhood consumed both two-wheel drive and 4 wheel drive models, the Traxxas slash parts ended up being the next wanted thing flying off from the hobby shop shelves.

With 13 years to craft and recraft each component available for this TORC influenced race truck, there are no deficits of components to make your slash precisely how you desire it. Stay tuned to discover a few of the very best Traxxas slash components for each discipline and price variety.

Tech Advancements

The Traxxas Slash is in its 13th year of production. Throughout the years, various variations of the design have been manufactured and marketed to the creativities of many people. From a backyard bashable ready-to-run time-passer to a championship race car, the Slash has shown to be a product that is here to stay.

Developing from the previous famous Traxxas Rustler, the Slash was Traxxas's "muscular" answer to the more scale-looking short-course RC market. Both the 2 and 4 wheel drive models sold quickly and laid the structure for creative varieties of the model.

Some of the most significant names in the full-size short-course race series put down their names and items on the factory Lexan of the Slash. From Fox Racing to the Robby Gordon, the Slash has been a product of interest for race fans of every generation.

The Slash was presented as a relatively simple RC truck with components that could be quickly changed. And it does not take much effort, time, or cash to fix these trucks. Like any remote-control automobile, parts snap when you are having fun.

However, plastic is a true blessing in disguise. You see, it's much better to break low-priced parts than to take advantage of other more costly components into breaking. Though these components can break, the factory-made Slash parts are quite strong and make the truck surprisingly light-weight. This implies that less force and momentum are put on the components when landing leaps and clipping curbs (all of us do it).

Those that discover themselves breaking the very same parts repeatedly go with aftermarket alternatives to put an end to brief sessions. And that's why you're here. So what items are available after 13 years of Slash slamming?

Well, there is no better period than now to buy components for this little RC truck. The last couple of years have pushed metals, plastics, and composites far beyond the capacities that were previously achievable.

CNC technology is simply getting more useful. 3D printing has made the way for structural efforts that save every last pound of weight. And new techniques of generation are still being utilized in the construction of Traxxas slash upgrades. Let us look at what's readily available nowadays for the Traxxas Slash!

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Choosing Traxxas Slash Components

Let's begin by taking a look at a set of commonly broken components on the Traxxas Slash. Request any Slash lover and you will reach the same census: arms, A-arms, linkages, and guiding components! Presently there is more that enters into the breaking of these components than simply strength alone. The total mass of your Slash adds to the breakage of the parts.

Fortunately enough, you can change the stock Traxxas plastics to Traxxas aluminum steering knuckles, caster blocks, and axle carriers. These flashy, ultra-strong metal components will be a little more pricey than other alternatives.

RPM is the next finest thing if you are running within a tighter budget. These plastic replacement components are developed with more fundamental integrity and fetch just a couple of extra dollars than stock Traxxas parts.

Handfuls of arbitrarily converted RPM parts are essential to staying up to date with slamming and stunts in time. And the mass is still exceptionally low, keeping your total torque on other components down and releasing you from future problems.

Keeping your Slash going where you need it can be dealt with by many parts used by a variety of businesses with several years of experience in both the racing scene and enthusiast bashing. Build your truck on your own by discovering the ideal appearance, shape, and colored components to make your truck distinct. Breaking parts is inescapable, and you can't be too sure which ones you might want to change.

Internal Longevity

Chassis components can be one of the most enjoyable and simplest upgrades you can do to your Traxxas Slash. Although these parts can truly do you some good, it is ineffective if your truck does not have power to the wheels.

The Traxxas Slash can, in truth, be developed without any factory components whatsoever every last piece, if the RC truck can be switched for a different company, material, or design. When looking at the soul and heart of the Slash, there're some things that stand out as the greatest modifications or changes you can make.

Firstly, we take a look at the battery. If you have actually been around remote control cars, you know the power LiPo batteries can bring. This product is pretty surely price-based, with the more costly batteries giving more power and/or durability. After that is the brushless motor. Much better torque, speed, and total power can be acquired with a solid brushless system.

The overall power and speed you need from your truck varies from individual to individual and must be studied after stock components leave you broken or desiring. What is the best method to keep these assets safe? Well after several years of Traxxas fans turning their slash with every perky turn, Traxxas launched what's referred to as the Low Center of Gravity Chassis. The change you can do to your RC truck not just uses a more reasonable design however considerably lowers the probability of winding up on your Lexan.

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