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Top Five (5) RC Cars with NiMH Battery in 2021

RC cars are not just toys for children. Even adults like to play with them in their free time. Age does not limit the appeal of RC cars and trucks and playing with them has become a hobby for many people. Some parents also spend more quality time with their kids through this hobby. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of RC cars, trucks, helicopters, drones etc. Se, let’s take a look at the best RC toys.

1. Hosim 9125-Red

If you are looking for an off-road monster then you must consider this RC truck. Hosim 9125-Red can traverse over a wide range of terrains and is even capable of doing some stunts along the way. The shape is just what you would expect of such a vehicle and you might have seen these types of trucks at monster truck derbies. Whether it is a hill or a ramp, you don’t have to worry that it won’t climb. You can even easily drive it on rough patches and bumpy surfaces. With a good RC battery, you can enjoy your races with a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour and with a run time of 10 to 15 minutes. With greater voltage of the RC battery, you can get an increase in speed for your favorite toy.

The working range of this RC truck is an astonishing 262 feet and the controller’s 2.4 GHz radio signal is used to control it. So, you don’t need to reposition yourself while operating this toy and can drive it on a wider area without getting out of range. The pistol grip makes handling easier and you can control the vehicle with one hand. The wheel’s shape and the trigger make it even easier to brake, accelerate and steer the RC truck. The IPX4 Waterproof Level is an added benefit of buying this beautiful monster truck.

Hosim 9125-Red

2. Traxxas 58034-1

A large RC vehicle is more enjoyable than a smaller one and they even get more attention. This is also true for the Traxxas 58034-1 Truck. Apart from being a mini replica of real Traxxas, Chet Huffman Motorsports and Amsoil race cars, the paint is almost the same as well. The speed is controlled by a special control and it contains a big 550 Titan 12T motor. A Ni-MH battery powers the motor which has a capacity of 3000 mAh. 4 AA batteries provide power to the controller.

The riding and controlling capabilities of this RC truck are impressive and you should have no doubts while buying it. Another feature worth mentioning is that the electronics are well protected. So, you can take it out in any weather condition. The wiring is also water and dust proof. You can maneuver the car through puddles and mud because of the silicon pads which are fitted inside this RC truck. Composite plastics are used to design the chassis and an all-metal transmission is preferred by the manufacturer to improve overall performance of this RC vehicle. So, you don't need to worry about cracks and damages and can perform your stunts with confidence even at 30 miles per hour. Combining all the features, the Traxxas model is one of the best in the RC vehicles list.


Traxxas 58034-1

3. Maisto 83022

RC crawlers are designed in such a way that they can travel through rough terrains without any difficulty. Whether there are stones, sand or soil, Maisto 83022 won’t have any problem riding through these rough patches.

The four big wheels of this crawler are more than enough to enjoy cross-country adventures. A major difference between this model and other RC cars is that it has 2 motors in both rear and front portions. You can easily start driving this RC toy from the first day as it comes fully assembled. Since the middle portion of the car is far up from the ground, it can easily cross hurdles. The road grip is increased due to the deep-tread tires.

This model can run at a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour but you should know that crawlers are not good for racing. The low speed of Maisto 83022 makes it good for crawling. Just fit a decent RC battery and you have a toy that can climb like crazy. Two AA batteries can be fit inside the controller. To make the signal transmission stable, the transmitter has three channels. So, there is no problem of radio interference because of reliable communication.

Maisto 83022

4. SPESXFUN 1/16 Scale

Anyone who owns an off-road RC truck or car has experienced the rough terrain. Most people know the frustration and anger when their toy breaks down. No matter how much you take care of your RC car, it will still be unprotected from obstacles and terrain.

However, SPESXFUN 1/16 Scale is an exception in the world of unprotected RC vehicles. This high-speed RC car is built from high quality, strong components making it suitable for taking it off the road due to its stability and strength. For instance, you can regularly do ski jumps and go over bumps without the fear of damage because of its strong shock absorbers. The manufacturer has made the overall build quality much better which will make your RC car to last for a longer time. Two RC batteries make it even more fun as you can enjoy it for more time.

Under the hood you can find an electric engine giving you a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. Impressive, isn’t it? You can race around for about an hour because of the 700 mAh Ni-MH batteries. Like other RC cars, this one also has a pistol grip controller.

 SPESXFUN 1/16 Scale


5. KidiRace Police

A fascinating police car is the best thing as a present for your kids. Apart from the appearance, the sounds of the KidiRace Police car also mimic a real police vehicle. Your children can pretend to be law enforcement agents by driving this RC car around the neighborhood.

You can even let your 3-year-old child play with this model. A kid can improve his spatial orientation, reaction rate and coordination by managing this toy all the time while enjoying as well. The half hour playtime and a convenient charging process makes it a good toy and you don’t need to worry about replacing the RC batteries from time to time. So that’s a win-win situation for both the kids and the parents.

Your children won’t find any difficulty in controlling this police car if they have used game controllers as it is simple to use. Just like other controllers, the forward-reverse and left-right control sticks provide precision while driving the RC car around. The range is 100 feet because of the 2.4 GHz radio signal.


KidiRace Police 

To Sum It Up

Finding a suitable off-road RC car or truck can be a challenge. As long as you inspect all the features and look for durability, you are on the right track. Some people prefer longer running time while others would find high RC cars to be better at overcoming obstacles in their area. The main thing is to buy a toy that is durable and long-lasting. So, take your time in searching for the best RC car.


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