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Charging Power Wheels Battery Without a Charger

There are several approaches for charging a power wheel battery without using a battery charger. In case you do not possess a battery charger, you can charge it using your car battery. For this procedure, you need to gear up a connector and then do charging with a car battery. However, before doing this you ought to check the voltage. It depends on the car's model. The older cars have 6 V batteries while the modern variations have a pack of 12-volt batteries.

These days, a 12 V battery is made as though it can be charged with a max voltage of 15 V, and anything over 2 A might explode the battery. The benefit of car batteries which you can observe is that they are within this range. Their output is 10 to 15 A (when the engine is functioning, the majority of them can't go more than 14.6 V). In case you're charging a power wheel battery using a car battery you must find the negative and positive connections and additionally ensure that you can see the difference. Afterward, you simply need to hook the adapters with the battery terminals and also see exactly how it goes.

Another approach for charging a power wheel battery is directly through a power supply. In case you can't work on this approach with any method you can create a homemade battery charger to charge the power wheel battery. To design your own charger, you require a few things like a wire cutting tool, a multimeter, and a screwdriver. Other things required for this procedure are two alligator clips, a step-down converter (DC or AC), and a laptop charger.

You need to customize the laptop's adapter. Since the adapter can't match the power wheel battery in its present arrangement so cutting the laptop's adapter jack with a cutting device and removing the external shield of the cord will work, but do not touch both wires that are confined by the cover. Then, link the action down converter module. First, link the step-down module to the cords of the adapter and also see to it that the red stands for positive and the black for negative. Select the module and first link the red cord to the module's +ve which can be seen as IN+ and after that place the black wire into the -ve which can be seen as IN-. Do not forget to tighten the corresponding screw terminals. Now, attach the alligator clip. The same method is complied with, attaching the red alligator cable with the module's +ve and the black one with the -ve.

After this process, plug the adapter into the power as well as link both alligator clips to a multimeter. In this process, the black one goes into the multimeter's negative lead and the red one into the +ve. Afterward, set the voltage on the multimeter, and after that turn on the voltage potentiometer with your screwdriver up until the multimeter's reading is 14 V. Finally, set your desired current reading on the multimeter as well as similarly turn the remaining on the potentiometer till the multimeter reading is 2 A. If the battery's capacity allows, you can also decide to go higher.

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What occurs if you do not charge a power wheel battery for 18 hrs?

In case you're utilizing a brand-new power wheel battery ensure that you charge a battery for a minimum of 18 hrs with a 12 V charger prior to utilizing it for the first time. In case you do not do this, it will certainly lower its usage time as well as can additionally result in damaging it. You ought to charge the battery for a minimum of 14 hrs after each usage however never ever charge a battery for more than 30 hrs or else it might explode.

Exactly how to know if the power wheel battery is charging?

To know this, first, charge a battery for at the very least 8 hrs. Afterward, you need to find the positive as well as negative prongs of the power wheels battery. This will help you to inspect the voltage reading. As soon as you have located the negative and positive sides use your electronic voltmeter and also turn its dial to the voltage part which should have an icon to check if the battery is in a charging mode or not. This will enable the meter to show accurate reading for any kind of 12 V application.


Charging power wheel batteries is simple with various other methods and even without a charger, however, do not attempt to short circuit the terminals of a battery since it can trigger an explosion. Prior to charging the power wheels battery, examine its case to see if it is broken or damaged. If you overlook this fact, and its case is damaged, it will certainly cause the acid to leak out which can be dangerous.

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