How Much Time Does an iRobot Battery Last?

iRobot has actually gone to the leading edge of making our 1990's sci-fi desires become a reality. Nobody whines concerning any kind of much easier method to maintain their home clean. The battery-operated cleaning wonder takes nearly all the job out of housework. So, for how long does an iRobot battery last?

To maximize the usefulness of a machine, you have to understand its limits. There are two main questions concerning the iRobot battery. Exactly how long does the iRobot battery last on a single charge? Secondly, what is the lifespan of an iRobot battery prior to it needs to be substituted?

Our objective is to respond to both concerns while providing you a few suggestions in the process of exactly how to make your iRobot battery last a little bit longer.

What is the Lifespan of an iRobot Battery?

No battery lasts permanently. At some point, all the charges, as well as discharges of use, will certainly wear down the battery, and also it won't have the ability to hold a charge anymore. iRobot mentions that with appropriate care, the iRobot battery for their vacuums will certainly last approximately 400 charge cycles. So, if you run the Roomba 3 times a week, then you ought to obtain about 2.5 years out of an iRobot battery.

What is good about the iRobot batteries is that they are user-replaceable, as well as cost just one-quarter of the quantity of even the least costly Roomba model. We suggest upgrading to the XLife prolonged life battery, which works with the Roomba 400/600/700/800 series vacuums. A higher capacity of battery does not let your Roomba robot run longer with each charge however does prolong the lifespan of the battery by approximately double the amount.

iRobot Battery on a Single Charge

Among the best features of the development of the Roombas is the automatic cleaning as well as returning function. Many designs contain a push-button that sends out the robotic vacuum out across the floorings, utilizing a complicated array of sensors to see to it nothing leaves the rollers as well as brushes. By pressing this button, the vacuum will explore your office or home until the battery is low.

Typically, all of the Roomba vacuum cleaner designs have a battery running range of almost 2 hours. We state "typically" due to the fact that this 2-hours window may be shorter or longer based on some factors.

Elements Affecting iRobot Battery Charge

Depending on just how you look after your preferred little robot-buddy, you will certainly see different degrees of battery performance. Much like your automobile, phone, and also better half, the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner's battery will treat you far better and be more dependable the better you treat it. Right here are some things you can do to see to it the battery remains ideal for as long as possible.

1) Keep it Clean

The harder the electric motor works due to dust and dirt stuck inside it, the more easily the iRobot battery drains. So, this amounts to much shorter battery life.

You can avoid this by inspecting and cleaning the brushes and also rolls of the Roomba robot as soon as a week or so. Much better would be to provide a quick clean every time you empty the bin. I know cleaning a cleaning robot seems a little amusing, however, consider it like changing the oil in your cars and truck or cuddling with your partner. Your little effort will certainly make the iRobot battery last longer.

2) Let the Battery Drain

The second tip is working out the iRobot battery via a full range of charge. Draining the iRobot battery is kind of like goat-yoga for your Roomba robot. By letting the battery completely diminish prior to charging it, as well as allowing it to fully recharge, you are aiding the battery in maintaining a regular charge time. You don't need to do this each time, just typically enough to let it clear out.

3) Do Not Wait to Charge

Unlike standing at the counter shakily determining if you need to put that new device on your credit card, you intend to charge your iRobot battery instantly after use. iRobot advises charging the battery asap after usage.

Also, if you are doing a fast 15-minutes clean that would leave around 85 % of the battery, do not be attracted to conserve that 85 % for an additional clean. By waiting to charge at a later time, you can harm the battery and also reduce the active charge life.

While we are discussing the topic of correct charging, iRobot advises keeping the amazing little robot linked into a home base or charger.

4) Cool Bot = Happy Bot

Our last idea is all about storage space. Where you store and also charge your Roomba robot between uses can assist to maintain your battery solid and also healthy. Heat is among the killers of NiMH batteries. Heat normally develops throughout charge as well as discharge, yet you can help decrease the results of the warmth by storing as well as charging the Roomba robot in a cool area.

A cool area implies that you require to keep the Roomba robot out of sunlight, away from the heating vents, and not in the same storage room as your water heater or furnace. Offer the little individual a comfy edge to rest and charge where it will certainly be devoid of foot traffic. If you are making use of a home base, you should make sure that the Roomba robot will certainly still have an access path to and from the battery charger.

iRobot Battery Life Final Thoughts

The iRobot battery lasting is dependent on how well you take care of your new mechanical friend. By cleansing, charging, and storing properly, you can enjoy as much as 2 years of 2-hours cleaning cycles. Plus, the changeable iRobot battery means you can remain to enjoy your robotic vacuum for a lot more years.

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