Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are Great for Powering Your Floor Machines- And Here's Why!

Lithium batteries are making their way into the floor cleaning market and there is a good reason for that to be happening. They are absolutely the finest solution to provide power to your floor cleaning machines if you consider all their advantages. Read on further to discover why is that so.

Life of Lithium Battery

A larger life period is probably the obvious advantage. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries will offer five to ten times more cycles than lead-acid batteries. And, changing lead-acid batteries is not an enjoyable job. Initially, there is downtime to do the battery replacement. Then there is the heavy lifting to remove and discard old batteries and set up brand-new batteries.


Another significant advantage is the range or runtime. There are a couple of factors LiFePO4 batteries can supply increased runtime over lead-acid batteries.

The primary factor is that a lithium battery offers the full rated capacity, regardless of the discharging rate. Lead-acid batteries are usually rated at the 5 or 20-hour rate, which is based upon constant current, laboratory-tested, and low rates of discharge. A 300Ah lead-acid battery will supply 300Ah if it is run at a continuous current of 20A for 15 hours. That very same battery might supply only 135Ah if it is run at a consistent current of 72A for 1.875 hours. With lead-acid batteries, as the rate of discharge boosts, not just does the runtime declines but the general size of the fuel tank reduces.

In a real application, there is no constant current. In reality, it differs continually and frequently substantially. It is unforeseeable. With a lead-acid battery, you are never ever truly getting the mentioned battery capability on a floor machine. With a lithium iron phosphate battery, the fuel tank stays the exact same size no matter the state of discharge. A 200Ah battery will offer 200Ah whether it is discharged at 100A or 10A. The battery will constantly provide its mentioned capacity.

Another reason that LiFePO4 batteries offer more runtime than lead-acid batteries is that the degradation of capacity over the life of the battery is very little and sluggish. Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer complete rated capacity right away and continue to do so for about 1000 cycles, with a sluggish decrease to 80 to 90% capacity in between 1000 to 2000 cycles. Standard damp lead-acid batteries usually supply around 80% capacity when they are brand-new. AGM or Gel lead-acid batteries will offer their complete capacity when they are brand-new and progressively decrease right away.

Lithium batteries charge rapidly and can be charged without harming the battery. This can considerably extend the range of your LiFePO4 battery in a shift. Increased productivity is due to increased runtime.


Since the voltage decreases steeply throughout use, lead-acid batteries offer complete power for a reasonably brief duration of time. Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer complete power throughout use. This shows that your flooring cleansing devices have complete power throughout their shifts.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries are not easily prone to damage due to the fact that the Battery Management System protects against that. So, they can't be over-charged. Unlike lead-acid batteries, if they are under-charged or left in a partial state of charge, they will not be damaged.


How hassle-free are lithium batteries? No replacements, or at least not for numerous years, and simple setup due to being extremely light compared to lead-acid batteries.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries are great cost-saving products as compared to lead-acid batteries. Cost savings are between 20 to 50% when you think about the overall expense of ownership. Minimized upkeep, battery replacement, labor, and charging expenses all sum up to considerable cost savings.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries are safe. Not to point out, you won't be exposed to damaging gases that are continually vented from lead-acid batteries.

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