My iRobot Battery Won't Hold Charge: What Should I Do?

Roomba robot with an iRobot battery is a rather great device to have no question. In case you were unaware, they are totally automated vacuum cleaners that suck all dust and dirt inside your house without you having to lift yourself. A Roomba robot is definitely the gadget to buy if you are looking for convenience.

Roombas can experience some troubles, with battery-related concerns being some of the most commonly occurring problems. We are here today to speak about what to do when your Roomba robot will not hold a charge. If your iRobot battery dies, you could want to examine the excellent Roomba replacement batteries deals.

Causes and Solutions For iRobot Battery

There are a few various points that can cause your Roomba robot to quit holding a charge. Each of these issues has its very own certain remedy, so there is not excessive need to worry about it. That being said, occasionally things just get old, and also, they break. You could just have to buy a new one if the worst happens as well as your Roomba robot is simply damaged beyond any hope of repair service. As we stated, there are various problems that can be fixed, so let us go over those concerns right away.

If your Roomba robot will not correctly hold a charge, the problem might be that it never ever charged right, to start with. There could be several reasons. One reason might be that the outlet connected to the charging dock is not working properly. In this case, you just have to change the charger. A few Roomba chargers might not function all that well, to begin with, in which instance you could want to get a brand-new aftermarket charging dock.

The most common trouble linked with a Roomba robot not holding a charge is the iRobot battery's age. If you possess an older Roomba robot, you could desire to buy a brand-new iRobot battery.

The trouble might also exist with the electrical outlet itself. If your Roomba robot is not charging correctly, you could just want to examine the electrical outlet to see if the correct quantity of electrical power is moving via it.

The trouble might lie with the Roomba robot itself. It will certainly create the Roomba to not charge appropriately or not hold a charge if the cords or any other parts relevant to charging are harmed. You can examine the Roomba robot yourself to check if something is visibly damaged or you can send it to a specialist for evaluation.

One of The Most Usual Solution for iRobot Battery

Let's review one of the most frequently advertised solutions from iRobot to repair a Roomba robot that will certainly not hold its charge.

  • Take the iRobot battery out of the Roomba robot.
  • Press the power button and keep on holding it for 5 to 15 secs.
  • Replace the iRobot battery.
  • Let the iRobot battery charge for at the very least 16 hrs.
  • Connect the power cord straight into the Roomba, and not the dock.
  • After 16 hrs, if the light is green, allow the Roomba robot to operate until the iRobot battery dies.

Final Thoughts

As you can observe, there are several points that can cause a Roomba robot to not hold a charge. The most typical issue is that the iRobot battery is quite old to operate. This suggests that you will possibly need to change the iRobot battery. Fear not, since this does not indicate that your Roomba robot is completely damaged. You might just require a brand-new iRobot battery.

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