Why is Roomba Robot Not Turning On? Is This Battery Issue?

There are many reasons why your Roomba robot is not switching on; a possible one may be a change in the battery's position. Particularly if it's a brand-new Roomba robot that has actually not yet been turned on, the battery's location might have shifted during delivery. The very best action is to remove the battery and place it back for ensuring proper contact is established.

Possible Factors Why Roomba Robot Is Not Turning On

For a Roomba robot that is not switching on, try to reset and also cycle the unit by removing the battery, then push the clean switch down for five to fifteen secs. Reinstall and charge the battery, after that attempt to turn it on once more to see if it functions.

Go on to duplicate the complete procedure multiple times to check if there is any kind of improvement or it operates. It's additionally possible that if absolutely nothing occurs, you might require to acquire a brand-new battery.

As we have actually pointed out, one of the primary problems is a change in the battery's placement. To make sure of this, plug in the home base as well as examine the sign light to see if it starts snapping about as soon as every 4 seconds or remain on for four seconds as well as moves away.

Charge the Roomba robot in the second electrical outlet if the light doesn't come on. Likewise, inspect the cable of the charger on the home base for any type of damage. If it still doesn't open, you might need to change the charging base.

The home base's light might light up, yet the robotic vacuum isn't charged. Now examine if any kind of dust or debris is hindering the charging communication. If there is any, remove the particles from the charging contact with a dry and soft fabric.

Remove the Roomba robot from the charging base, after that turn over the device to take out the caster wheel. Guarantee that there are no particles restricting the caster wheels of the Roomba robot from reaching the charging contacts. Once more, tidy up the caster wheel if you find any dirt.

Place and leave the Roomba robot to charge for at the very least 1 hour on the home base. Now look for the troubleshooting indication to flicker. Check the error messages generated by the Roomba robot if this happens.

A few of the problems that might cause the Roomba robot to either hold the charge or not charge on the base are:

  • Contact communication issues
  • The wrong kind of battery
  • Issues with the power source

The Roomba robot alerts you with error codes that can assist you to determine and fix the problem without issues.

When The Roomba Robot Isn't Turning On: What To Do?

Like many problems that can cause the Roomba robot to not turn on, there are additionally different solutions to these issues.

Ensure The Home Base Is Linked with Power

When the Roomba robot isn't charging while being at the home base, there could be trouble with the electrical power. Validate that the electric source provides power to the home base.

If the home base is plugged into a GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters) electrical outlet, make sure that it's not removed. A circuit breaking can interrupt the power due to dislocation. However, make sure that the GFCI outlet contains power and the plug is firmly sealed in the outlet. At this point, the Roomba robot must receive power as well as work correctly.

Charge New batteries of Roomba Robot

New Li-ion batteries will certainly require you to wake them up. Install the home base terminal on a floor, plug in the socket, as well as make certain the lights turn on. Now put the Roomba robot on the home base station as well as hold it for a few seconds up until the battery functions.

When the light on the base terminal turns off, then the battery sign on the Roomba robot starts to flicker, and after that goes off. This shows that the iRobot battery is awake.

Hard-reboot the Roomba Robot

Occasionally the error code keeps on changing, and it is due to the Roomba processor having actually corrupted memory. Hold the CLEAN switch down for ten to fifteen secs, and release it when the light signs float.

Comprehend the Error Codes

When the Roomba robot is charging in the correct way, you will not see any type of light, which indicates energy is conserved, and also the device is charging fine. When there's an issue with the Roomba robot, it flickers a light and says "uh-oh".

You need to see the variety of times it blinks and pay attention to the error codes to recognize the specific problems the Roomba robot might have. There's a total number of 8 error codes. By utilizing the iRobot app on your mobile device or PC, you can obtain the solutions to the codes.

Error Code 1

Code 1 error shows up when there's no communication between the battery and the base station. It can be brought on by the yellow pull-tab which is disconnected prior to placing the Roomba robot on the home base. Code 1 error can additionally be an outcome of the battery not mounted appropriately. Reinstall the battery properly.

Error Code 2,3,5,8, and 9

These 5 error codes educate you of either issue of contact between the home base and the battery or issues with the iRobot battery itself. Cleansing the connection on the Roomba robot and the home base fixes this issue. Disconnect the home base and gently rub it with an alcohol mixed towel and a wet fabric.

Error Code 6 and 7

The Roomba robot will not charge if the iRobot battery is either too hot or cold. For this reason, keep the Roomba robot away from the home base to rest for 30 minutes until it is back to room temperature level.

To Sum It Up

The Roomba robot vacuum has a track record for making cleaning much more comfortable and also quicker. Nevertheless, as much as they make your life better, it is vital to keep in mind that the Roomba can have different issues at some times.

We can concur that the best way to maintain these problems minimum is via correct upkeep and also day-to-day cleaning. There are issues like the Roomba robot not switching on that might require some work.

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