Traxxas Guide to Excellent Starter Cars

You're in luck if you have actually been searching for good starter automobiles. Continue reading our valuable Traxxas novice's guide to discover the best RC cars and trucks.

Aiming to join a pastime that has had a faithful audience for over 50 years? The primary remote control automobiles had a problem with the power supply and required a tether. It wasn't till the 1960s when batteries overcame the tethering requirement. Over the last 50 years, the technology has provided RC models the ability to get lighter and faster.

Gone are the days of restricted distance and speed. Specialist-level cars and trucks can reach speeds above 40 mph. As a novice though you want to start with something a little bit slower. We are here to assist you to get started with what to try to find in your first RC cars and truck. In the end, we will provide you 2 models that make great starter automobiles.

The Very Best RC Car Kits

When choosing between various RC cars and truck kits, you need to think about four qualities: price, style, toughness, and modability. The very best car for you may not be the most suitable car for somebody else.


As a newbie, you might not want to invest in the top of line RC cars and trucks. You can constantly update or modify as you acquire experience and skills. Don't opt for the cheapest choice either. These vehicles are not well developed, and you'll invest more in repairing them in the long run.


You will want a vehicle that is long-lasting to deal with the surface and your novice driving abilities. You will make errors as a beginner, so purchase a car that will endure them.


Look for an automobile that works well best out of the box. This would get you going immediately. An automobile you can mod will let you update in stages as your budget plan and skills allow you to do so.

Prepared to run

These vehicles are ready to run right out of their box. The only thing you might need to do is purchase batteries. This lets you find out about operation and mechanics through use.

Nearly Prepared to Run

For ARR automobiles most of the work is currently done for you. You simply need to do some little work like purchase a different battery pack or paint the vehicle.

Construct it yourself

You may desire to develop your car if you are a "Do It Yourself" type of person. Just know that a lot of kits need you to buy additional components in addition to the kit. It is most suitable for you to wait on them until you have enough experience with RC vehicles. You will get more well-informed as you fix and upgrade your car.


What design of RC cars and trucks are you searching for? You have the alternative of cars, buggies, or trucks.


A car might be your design of choice if you're searching for drifting, speed, and rally. They run best on flat and smooth surfaces. They will not be much fun on off-roading trips.


Trucks are fantastic for passing through the off-road. You have 2 choices to select from, arena and monster trucks. Beast trucks stand out at unclean off-road experiences. They are made to be highly resilient enduring mud and getting hit.

Arena trucks handle the dirt quite well, but you ought to stick to indoor areas. They are not as great as beast trucks on the outside terrain. Both designs have huge tires and exposed suspension. Their style makes them stable and fun for racing.


If you are not sure what style you desire, get a friend. They are an excellent overall RC car integrating the features of the car and truck. They can compete with the automobiles on the road. With the best user, they can get quite quick. Unlike cars, they likewise excel off-road. They have actually big exposed shocks like the trucks. This makes them perfect for yard and gravel surfaces.

Traxxas Ability Level Guide

Traxxas makes it simple to get started with radio control vehicles by providing each car with a rating. Those in the Traxxas online forum suggest taking notice of the rating of 1 to 10.

Novice Levels

Levels 1 and 2 are ideal for someone who has minimum or no prior experience with radio-controlled models. These cars and trucks do not need a great deal of setup or upkeep.

Levels 3 and 4 are appropriate for somebody who has some previous experience. These are great for someone who is getting started but has little knowledge and experience. These vehicles take lots of work for setup and maintenance. You will also observe they are capable of greater speeds and faster accelerations.

Advanced Levels

As a novice, you need to prevent buying a car and truck of ability level 5, 6, or 10. They are all professional-level cars and trucks implied for users who have knowledge of nitro-powered models. Level 6 vehicles use LiPo batteries which need knowledge and expertise for safe operation. Level 10 cars and trucks are high-powered capable of severe accelerations and speeds.

Good Starter Cars

We recommend the Traxxas Ford GT and Stampede as excellent beginner designs. The Ford GT is ideal for those who desire a car, while the Stampede satisfies those who want a truck.

Traxxas Ford GT AWD Supercar

If you understand you need a car we advise the Traxxas Ford GT. Traxxas brings the stunning styling of a real car to the design. This ready to run out of package model will have you flying with its Titan 12T 550 motor.

Traxxas Stampede

This is one of the most durable and rugged beast trucks on the marketplace. It includes a modified motor and electrical wiring, so it is totally waterproof. You'll be out there going in no time at all as it's prepared to run right out of the package. To make it even more enjoyable, the battery lasts for a comparably very long time.

Wrap It up

When purchasing your first RC car or truck think about rate, modability, design, and sturdiness. Great starter cars are cost-effective without being a large investment.

Your first car and truck should be long-lasting, so you invest more time utilizing it and less time in fixing it. It is most comfortable for you to purchase a prepared-to-utilize model over the one you need to put together. Your last factor to consider is to pick the style of the design you need. You can purchase a buggy, truck, or car. The car is terrific for flat tough surface areas while the truck is best for off-road experiences.

A buggy is a great well-rounded design if you are not sure what you desire. These designs have the speed of the automobiles however can manage the off-road like the trucks.

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