7.2v 2400mAh Liion battery for for Sony NP-F330, NP-F530

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Item specifics:


  • Brand Name: melasta
  • Model Number: MELASTA NP-F550
  • Package: Yes
  • Type: Standard Battery
  • Use: Camera
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Products type: Li-ion battery
  • Voltage: 7.2V
  • Capacity: 2400mah
  • Replacement: for Sony NP-F330, NP-F530, NP-F550, NP-F570


    1. 100% Brand new Li-ion rechargeable battery (2400mAh, 7.2V, Li-ion).

    2. Greatly compatible with the original battery and charger, but the price is lower than the original.

    3. No Memory Effect: Can be partially charged without reducing battery capacity and shorten the battery life

    4.CE,ROHS Certified

    5.Product safety is our top concern our batteries come with standard overvoltage and overheating protection


    Sony NP-F330, NP-F530, NP-F550, NP-F570, NP-F730, NP-F750, NP-F930, NP-F950

    SONY: CD Mavica MVC-CD1000, CyberShot DSC-D700, Digital8 DCR-TR7000, Digital8 DCR-TRV103, Digital8 DCR-TRV110,

    Digital8 DCR-TRV120, Digital8 DCR-TRV130, Digital8 DCR-TRV210, Digital8 DCR-TRV310, Digital8 DCR-TRV315,

    Digital8 DCR-TRV320, Digital8 DCR-TRV510, Digital8 DCR-TRV520, Digital8 DCR-TRV525, Digital8 DCR-TRV720,

    Digital8 DCR-TRV820, FD Mavica MVC-FD100, FD Mavica MVC-FD200, FD Mavica MVC-FD5, FD Mavica MVC-FD51,

    FD Mavica MVC-FD7, FD Mavica MVC-FD71, FD Mavica MVC-FD73, FD Mavica MVC-FD81, FD Mavica MVC-FD83,

    FD Mavica MVC-FD85, FD Mavica MVC-FD87, FD Mavica MVC-FD88, FD Mavica MVC-FD90, FD Mavica MVC-FD91,

    FD Mavica MVC-FD92, FD Mavica MVC-FD95, FD Mavica MVC-FD97, Hi8 CCD-SC55, Hi8 CCD-TR516, Hi8 CCD-TR716,

    Hi8 CCD-TR818, Hi8 CCD-TR910, Hi8 CCD-TR917, Hi8 CCD-TR930, Hi8 CCD-TR940, Hi8 CCD-TRV101, Hi8 CCD-TRV36,

    Hi8 CCD-TRV41, Hi8 CCD-TRV43, Hi8 CCD-TRV46, Hi8 CCD-TRV51, Hi8 CCD-TRV58, Hi8 CCD-TRV615, Hi8 CCD-TRV62,

    Hi8 CCD-TRV66, Hi8 CCD-TRV67, Hi8 CCD-TRV68, Hi8 CCD-TRV715, Hi8 CCD-TRV72, Hi8 CCD-TRV75, Hi8 CCD-TRV81,

    Hi8 CCD-TRV815, Hi8 CCD-TRV82, Hi8 CCD-TRV85, Hi8 CCD-TRV87, Hi8 CCD-TRV88, Hi8 CCD-TRV90, Hi8 CCD-TRV91,

    Hi8 CCD-TRV93, Hi8 CCD-TRV95, Hi8 CCD-TRV98, Hi8 CCD-TRV99, MiniDV HandyCam DCR-SC100, MiniDV HandyCam DCR-TRV5,

    MiniDV HandyCam DCR-TRV7, MiniDV HandyCam DCR-TRV9, MiniDV HandyCam DCR-TRV900, MiniDV HandyCam DCR-VX1000,

    MiniDV HandyCam DCR-VX2000, MiniDV HandyCam DCR-VX2100, Others DSR-PD170, Others GV-D200, Others GV-D800,

    Video 8 CCD-SC65, Video 8 CCD-TR3000, Video 8 CCD-TR3300, Video 8 CCD-TR555, Video 8 CCD-TR67, Video 8 CCD-TR76,

    Video 8 CCD-TR87, Video 8 CCD-TRV15, Video 8 CCD-TRV215, Video 8 CCD-TRV25, Video 8 CCD-TRV57


    1 * MELASTA   NP-F550   Battery