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How Does Temperature Level Influence Battery Storage and Cycle Life?

In the present time, a cellphone is the most vital part of our life, and its battery is the main component for its operation. If that is harmed, our phones will certainly become useless, and this will obstruct a lot of tasks in a person's day-to-day life. In this post, we will discuss just how to preserve an iPhone as well as its battery in extreme temperatures.

Does Temperature Influence Battery Life of iPhone?

Yes, be it cold or hot, the temperature can significantly influence the battery life of an iPhone. Apple advises users to keep the phones in a temperature range within 32-95 ° F. Apple says that their phone batteries function best at a temperature level range of 0-35 ° C. While in the majority of the areas, the temperature level does not go below 0 ° C, however in a few areas, it still can.

In exceptionally cool temperature levels, maintaining your phone warm is the best possible alternative readily available. Avoid direct exposure to the cool winds outside your house. You can merely keep your mobile in your bag or pocket and in this way, your hands will certainly be free, and also nobody likes texting in cold weather outside anyway.

Just like extremely cool temperature levels can harm the battery life of iPhones, so can heat. The battery life of an iPhone can be damaged entirely if you let it significantly heat up, either by natural weather or by any type of another way.

While utilizing an iPhone device in very cold temperature levels and also outside of its encouraged functional variety may harm battery life and can make your iPhone turn off again and again. As this is only a momentary effect, the battery life will be fine when you bring the iPhone back to regular temperatures.

Does Storage Temperature Level Influence Battery Life?

Storage temperature has a major impact on the battery life of a phone. Apple has the finest method to store an iPhone where the temperature level is within 20-45 degrees Celsius. Also constantly avoid leaving your phone in your automobile or any type of such shut facility where the temperature levels can quickly cross this range. The phone must be maintained at regular temperature levels, as conveyed by Apple, that is 0-35 degrees Celsius, or the battery life is impacted. To keep your phone at a normal temperature level, follow these tips for better battery life:

  1. Don't expose your phone to sunlight for an extended time.
  2. Don't leave the phone inside a car on a hot and sunny day.
  3. Your phone will certainly show a warning message on its screen specifying it needs to cool down prior to you start using it again if the temperature threshold is surpassed by your phone. In case of an emergency situation in which you want to make phone calls, that can be done, but to return to using your gadget totally, Apple recommends allowing it to cool off initially.
  4. Don't make use of some apps and also attributes in warm temperature levels or sunlight for a prolonged amount of time, like direction-finding or GPS tracking while you are driving, playing a heavy graphics game, or using augmented-reality apps continually.
  5. Whereas if we consider the chilly temperatures, you should keep the phone either in a bag or your pockets whenever you are outside. Quit any type of urge to go for texting as well as clicking pictures then as it can affect the battery of your phone. Keep your phone on a lower power setting and also stay clear of using it as long as possible, especially outdoors.

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Exactly How Temperature Level Influence Battery Life

When we discuss chilly temperature levels, the coldness reduces the adjustment of the deposited chemical energy of a battery into a type of electrical energy; a battery operating at 0 degrees. A phone will certainly be dead in a snap or will certainly begin to shut off.

This happens since all iPhones use a type of Li-ion battery, additionally sometimes called Lithium-ion. A lot of the rechargeable gadgets these days contain a Li-ion battery, which is somewhat sensitive to temperature modifications.

Lithium-ion batteries absolutely do have some benefits as they charge quickly in contrast to other batteries. They can be charged midway also without discharging them initially. In fact, it's better to keep charging your phone at normal intervals also if it's not dead yet. Unfortunately, these Li-ion batteries can lose their fantastic old performance when the temperature level outside or around them drops. Cold temperature level is said to enhance the internal resistance and also lower the capacity of a Lithium-ion battery. It's observed by lots of users that below a specific temperature, the battery performance of their iPhones is lowered.

In a similar way, when it comes to warm temperature levels, one must not subject their iPhone to temperature levels that are near to or more than 95 ° F. If the phone is subjected to this sort of severe warmth from outside or any various other sources inside, then the phone's battery efficiency and also capacity can be completely damaged. It will certainly shorten its lifetime, and your battery will not remain charged as long on a given % left.


Temperature levels, whether warm or cool, can have different impacts on a phone's battery. It's much better to bear in mind a couple of things that we went over above to maintain your iPhone's battery healthy.

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