36V 11.6Ah 11.6wh lithium ion battery pack with NCR18650PF

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Product  description:

Nominal voltage and capacity : 36V  11.6Ah

Battery configuration : NCR18650PF-10S4P        40pcs 18650 cells in one battery pack

Battery discharge cut-off voltage : 27.50V

Battery charge cut-off voltage: 27.50V

Battery continuous discharge current : 15-20A

Battery peak discharge current : 40A

Battery charging Current :2A/5A/OEM

Battery charging time : 2~6 Hours (standard) /2~3 Hours (fast)

Battery cell Inside : Panasonic NCR18650PF 18650 single cell 2900mAh

Battery charging temperature : 0°C~45°C

Battery discharging temperature : -20°C~60°C

Battery weight : 1.2KG

Battery BMS function : over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, temperature protection, short circuit protection, Inner resistance protection, balance voltage/&current for single cell.


1. High quality Panasonic cells to insure the battery charge and discharge performance.

2. Blue PVC wrapped, with battery cradle, light weight and high energy density.

3. Built-in smart BMS to protect, control and monitor the real-time status of our e-bike battery.
4. Low self-discharge rate: < 3% monthly
5. Clean and green energy, no toxic material contained

1. Use a specified charger.

2. Do not disassemble the battery.

3. Do not short circuit the battery terminals.

4. Do not throw the battery into fire or heat.

5. Keep the battery in a cool dry surroundings if it stands by.