24V 9Ah 230.4Wh LiFePO4 li-ion Battery Pack with PCM

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Product Description:

Battery Configulation :IFR26650-32A-8S3P

Nominal Voltage : 25.6V

Operation Voltage : 16V ~ 29.2V

Battery Capacity : 9.0Ah (230.4Wh)

Cycle life : > 800 cycles (60% of initial capacity @ 0.5C rate, IEC Standard)

Protection : One PCM installed with the battery pack and protects the battery from

                          Overcharge (> 29.2V)

                         Over discharge (<16V)

                          Over drain ( >20Amps)

                           Short circuits

                           Must wait min of 30 minutes after battery is fully charged to allow the

                            PCM to perform balance function on all the cells within the pack.

Prewired :Charge Wire: UL 3135 AWG#18(red and black), Length= 250± 5mm

                      Discharge Wire: UL3135 AWG#16(red and black), Length=250 ± 5mm

Charging rate : Standard charge current:1.8A; charge time: 6h

                            Max continuous charge current: 9A

Discharging Rate : Standard discharge: 0.2C (2A),

                                  Max continuos dishcarge:  13.5A

                                  Peak discharge:  18A

Charging temperature : 0 to 45 ℃

Discharge temperature : -10 to 70 ℃

Storage temperature : 20±5℃

Max Dimensions (LxWxH):84.5 mm X 94mm X 222mm

Weight :approx. 2.5kg

Applications : 

Using for the Solar LED Light,  solar stree light, e-bike, electric wheelchair etc.

Warning : 

Please negotiate with MELASTA technicians to learn more Knowledge on LiFePO4