2PCS 2/3A 9.6v 1600mAh Stick NIMH Airsoft Guns Battery

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Battery Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH Battery) 

Voltage: 9.6V 

Real Capacity: 1600mah

Battery weight: 190g/6.7oz per Pack

Discharge Plug: Mini Tamiya Female connector

Discharge Rate: 10C

Volume: Diameter 17.24mm and Length 225.18mm

Wire Gauge: 16 AWG Silicone Wire

Power Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz,200mA

Power Output: 7-12V DC 600±60mA

Note: in order to make sure the battery is compatible with your airsoft,please check the battery container size of your airsoft guns before you ordered it! 


1.Parameter: 9.6V,2/3A x 8 Cells,Stick NIMH Battery Pack

2.Connector: Mini Tamiya Female connector assembled with 16 AWG wire

3.Fits: Most Airsoft Mini AK/G5K series model and others

2.Compatible: AK47,MP5K,RPK,PKM,G36C,M4A1-RIS,M4A1,CAR15,MC51,FNP90,AUGRT,AUGM,G3A4,G36,STEYR,AK/G5K folding stock models and others. 

4.Rapidly charge ande had a long life cycle span

5.Melasta NiMH technology: No cell memory effect

6.Standard Dimension: Diameter 20.6mm and Length 200mm

7.Warranty: 35- DAY return policy and 1 Year warranty

Package Including:

2x Melasta 9.6V 1600mah Ni-MH Battery