melasta 8.4V 4200mAh 7-Cell Hump NiMH Battery Pack, Compatible with RC Racing Car

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Bullet Points:

1. High Capacity: 7-Cell 4200mAh battery deliver extended runtime and high performance for RC cars, trucks, and boats.

2. High Power: 8.4V power cell provides 42 Amps of max discharge current, pushing your RC cars to the peak in speed and acceleration.

3. Standard Hump Pack Dimension: 140 x 46.8 x 44.5mm(bottom to hump Height) / 5.51 x 1.84 x 1.75 inch. Compatible with popular 8.4V RC vehicles.

4. No Memory Effect: Recharge your batteries to its full capacity anytime, No full discharge needed before recharging.

5. Guide & Service: Charge with your current charger or get our Melasta RC charger. We suggest charging at 0.2C or 0.1C. For any question please reach to us for assistance. All Melasta battery comes with 35 money back guarantee and 1 year warranty. Note: this is a replacement product, melasta is not affiliated the orginal manufacturer.



MELASTA battery, the first choice of car powertrain for toppest Formula SAE Racing Teams in the world since 2012 up to date.

They are designed to meet power need of your racing car.Melasta mature NiMH technology enables conveniently charging at any time.


Battery Type: Ni-MH

Voltage: 8.4V

Real Capacity: 4200mah

Continus Discharge Rate : 10C

Continus Discharge Current : 42A

Volume: 140 x 46.8 x 44.5(Hump Hight)mm / 5.51 x 1.84 x 1.75 inch

Note: in order to make sure the battery is compatible with your racing car,please check the battery container size of your racing car before purchasing.

Package includes:

1x Melasta 8.4V 4200mah Ni-MH Battery

Important Information:

Top Warranty

At MELASTA, we believe in our products. That's why we can back them all with a 35-days warranty.