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Remote control vehicles have been with us for the majority of years now and their history goes back all the way to the 1960s. This shows you just how much we enjoy driving and jumping things. While those first models were slow and a little dangerous, RC cars still passed the test of the time. Today, it's such a big market that the Recon G6 event in Hong Kong went viral in mainland China. For a newcomer, it is hard to find out where to begin. There are numerous models to take a look at! In basic, though, it's great...

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Since Traxxas revealed its flagship short route 1/10th scale electrical truck in 2008, the Traxxas Slash has made its way among the top-selling RC cars of all time. In this article we will explore more about the Traxxas Slash Parts and Upgrades.

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RC cars are not just toys for children. Even adults like to play with them in their free time. Age does not limit the appeal of RC cars and trucks and playing with them has become a hobby for many people. Some parents also spend more quality time with their kids through this hobby. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of RC cars, trucks, helicopters, drones etc. Se, let’s take a look at the best RC toys.

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